The Kahoka Kitchen Challenge

Having an older home can be a challenge when doing a kitchen remodel, but with a little professional help and guidance, it can be achieved. This kitchen remodel, belonging to an old farmhouse located in Kahoka, MO, had plenty of challenges which I was willing to take on! And most importantly…the customers were very happy in the end!

kahoka kitchen before kitchen remodel projectAs you can see in the photos, our first obstacle that we established was that the section with the shorter ceiling could not be raised. The shorter ceiling was actually less than 8 feet tall and that’s the way it was originally done when the home was built in the 1800s. The area with the taller ceilings was added later to the home and had an acoustic ceiling which we eliminated in order to achieve a standard ceiling height. The different ceiling heights then led to the questioning of the cabinetry heights and the pendant lighting heights. We didn’t want to go all the way to the ceiling with the cabinets because then some would be touching the ceiling and some would be open above. So we tried to keep it as consistent as we could by not having any of the cabinets touch the ceilings.

Kahoka kitchen remodel with after finished project picturesI advised the customers that we need to look at pendant lights on a chain so that we can easily adjust them up and down. But the customers found rod pendant lights that they
really liked and we were able to make them work. Rod pendant lighting is usually made in 12″ sections that allow you to adjust the length. In this case we had to cut the rods on the shorter hanging pendants so they’d line up with the longer hanging pendants. Another challenge accomplished!

To achieve the drawer base look that held the new downdraft cooktop, we made the top drawer into a false panel to allow for the very deep downdraft system. We made the half
wall behind the cabinets 6″ thick where we hid the vent pipe and that way we were able to keep the full depth of the cabinet. We maximized the spice storage by having the two pilasters on each side of the cooktop pull-out. That’s just one of the many hidden storage features in this kitchen!

kahoka kitchen remodel product display boardPutting together all of the main materials seemed like the most simple part about this project after all of the structural challenges. The customers wanted more of a cottage look in the kitchen and wanted to have materials inspired by nature. This was easily achieved by pulling together natural granite countertops which were complimented by rough stone tiles for the backsplash. The dark cherry cabinets created a contrast with the cottage-like feel of the white painted cabinets and looked great with the hand scrapped hickory floors. There were also beadboard accents located uniquely throughout the cabinetry. And to really bring in a cottage-look, we incorporated a wood plank ceiling which was painted white. This also saved on the amount of time it would have taken to patch up and even out the old ceilings smoothly.
Of course, as to many customers, this was very hard to visualize all of this. With my help, I was able to present them with a 3D design of their kitchen so that they could see the new layout and materials together. These challenges may have seemed like a big deal at the
time, but with a little bit of patience and problem solving, everything came together with a great amount of style and functionality in the end!

Jim Patrick

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