The Home Design Process

Home Design Overview

In the video below Jim Patrick discusses how the new home design process works at Building Materials. Since the designers at Building Materials use state of the art computer software they will set up a first meeting to cover the basics of your new home design project. Whether you are meeting with Jim Patrick or Scott Niggemeyer they will begin with a casual conversation about how you see your dream home design coming together.

It is not uncommon to hear that our customers have been thinking about building for some time now but when asked for their input will often reply they have no idea where to start ”Don’t Worry”. This is where our years of expertise come in handy. We will walk you through a series of questions which we will outline next. These questions will be useful to us in better understanding your desires so that we can begin to create a home design that both meets your budget and still delivers all of the spaces and amenities that you hope to have in your new home.

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Home Design Questions

building materials home design guarantee,home design guarantee,house design guarantee,home design promiseWhat is the family make-up, number of adults and children, children’s ages and genders, future plans?

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you plan to have in your new home design?

How important is it that all these rooms are on the same level and why is this important to you?

How do you see your family make-up and home needs changing in the coming years?

How many square feet of space would you like to finish in your new home?

Are you planning to have a basement, crawl space, or concrete slab style home?

If you are planning a basement or second floor space how open are you to bedrooms or family rooms on one of these levels? It has been proven that rooms finished on an upper or  lower level will decrease the main footprint size of the home and this will bring down overall construction costs hence returning more finished square footage at a lower cost per foot.

Do you have preferences relating to open floor planning? Open floor plans typically mean that your kitchen, dining, and living room spaces will be opened to one another with minimal or no wall separations.

Would you like to have special features like vaulted, or tray ceilings in any rooms of your home design and where would you like to see these?

Are you hoping to have a certain exterior style or look? This is where photos or images from sites like Houzz or Pintrest can be very helpful. Be sure to check out our featured galleries on Houzz by Clicking Here and visiting our designers on Houzz, who knows your new home could become one we feature on Houzz in the future.

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Our Home Rendering on Actual Site Photo

Do you have an exterior color scheme in mind? With our computer design software we will have the ability to create photo quality models of your new home possibly even on a photo of your site. These color scheme ideas will help us move this process right along.

How much are you planning to budget for the construction of your new home? This does not include land purchase price or development expenses like septic systems or road access. This budget number is invaluable in helping establish how accurate your expectations are when relating your budget to how much home you perceive to be buildable.

In the beginning of this process we tend to keep an open mind about home styles until we’ve established a better idea of your needs. The reason for this is because there are different costs associated with building different floor levels of a home and we will guide you in making decisions toward the best use of space and most cost effective building practices. So now let’s cover a basic list of questions that might come up in our first meeting.

How Long Does it Take

Armed with this information we will get some basic contact information like best phone number and email address to stay in touch. One big advantage to our service is the ability to send you and your builder drawings in PDF format to view during the design and estimating process.

We are often asked how long this home design process takes. Our answer is “as long as it takes to get it right for you” in some cases we can be ready to bid and build in a few days or a week and in some cases we might take much longer until our customer says “this is just right”.

A Few of Jim’s Reviews on Houzz


Jim Patrick

Jim Patrick is one of the home designers at Building Materials. Jim has been in the home building industry since 1979 and brings experience in home design,home construction,plumbing,electrical, HVAC equipment sizing and installation, floor coverings installation.If you have a question about your home or a project you are considering I would love to speak with you about it. Drop me an email at Contact Jim or give me a call - Jim

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