Room Addition Basics

Why a Room Addition

Home additions are becoming more popular and for good reason. In today’s economy more people are turning to the idea of buying an existing home or increasing the living space of their home rather than take on the expense of building a new home. In either case if you find out that you are needing more space then the addition design process here at Building Materials is right for you.

room addition,garage addition,building materials,fort madison iowaAt Building Materials our two designers have years of both design and building experience. Both Scott Niggemeyer and Jim Patrick are available to look at your home and discuss the room changes you would like to incorporate in your home. They can talk about structural issues to be concerned about, the best choice of products for your project, and if you’d like recommend contractors who could help you turn your room addition ideas into your dream addition.

Even if you are considering the purchase of an existing home that is close but just not quite perfect then contact Scott or Jim for a no cost consultation to go over possible upgrades and costs before you buy.

With Building Materials state of the art computer design service you will be able to see elevations drawings as well as the option of clear color models of your home with the room addition attached. The design team at Building Materials will make sure that the project you are designing will be structurally correct and safe.

Room Addition Details

Often when we design an addition we are asked to open up existing exterior walls and there are a number of ways to accomplish this. In some cases we will install a girder truss over the opening to pick up or hold the load of the existing roof that rested on the old wall. Another option is to install a beam or header over the opening to carry the existing load. This is the more common approach but sometimes less desirable since it requires the header to be visible below the ceiling height.

When we are planning a room addition that includes a second floor it is common to use a floor truss system on the second floor so that all the mechanical supplies like heating ducts and plumbing drains can be installed in the floor system. This way we can finish the entire ceiling below without any soffits to hang down or box around.

If you add a room addition will you change the flow or use of some existing space? If so will you need to remove existing interior walls? This is another advantage of a Building Materials designed addition since our designer will measure and calculate the options for moving or removing walls to assure that your new remodel will be safe for years to come.

Another big advantage of a Building Materials designed room addition is that you will work directly with the designer throughout your entire project. So from design to product selection to estimating and construction you can count on your designer to be in touch and in tune with you every step of the way.

Jim Patrick

Jim Patrick is one of the home designers at Building Materials. Jim has been in the home building industry since 1979 and brings experience in home design,home construction,plumbing,electrical, HVAC equipment sizing and installation, floor coverings installation.If you have a question about your home or a project you are considering I would love to speak with you about it. Drop me an email at Contact Jim or give me a call - Jim

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