Our Staff

Paul McKoon

Paul has been with Building Materials since 1974 and has become a trusted building materials expert known throughout the tri-states area. You can call on Paul for help with everything from siding and windows to decks and remodeling projects of all types. Paul is also recognized as one of the areas foremost experts in everything hardware. If you are having trouble finding a special hardware need you can count on Paul to help you find an answer.   Contact Paul

Scott Niggemeyer

Scott joined the Building Materials team in 2007 as our outside salesman. Scott has expertise in home design as well as project estimating and a good general knowledge of all the construction projects available at Building Materials. Scott is also a good contact for information when trying to select a contractor for your project since one of Scott’s duties is working directly with builders every day.  Contact Scott

Jim Patrick

Jim joined the Building Materials team in 2004 as the home designer and estimator. Jim has been in the building materials industry since 1979 and is here to help you with questions on any new construction or remodeling subject. Jim also has background in heating, electrical, plumbing, and flooring sales and installation. He brings all these resources into consideration with every project he designs.  Contact Jim

Lisa Graham

Lisa joined Building Materials in 2005 as a kitchen designer. Lisa has a degree in Interior Design from Iowa State University which she received in 1987. Lisa has become an accomplished kitchen design specialist but also prides herself on custom focal point design projects.  Contact Lisa

Jerilyn Horn

Jerilyn joined Building Materials in 2011 as a kitchen designer. Jerilyn has a degree in Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg. She has been involved in kitchen design since 2006 and especially enjoys doing custom room lay-outs with Google sketch up. Contact Jerilyn

Marsha Russell

Marsha has been with Building Materials since 1977 and has long been the go to person for any billing questions on your project. She will often be the first voice you hear on the phone making sure that you are directed to the right person. Marsha is also most helpful on the phone in helping you find quick answers to your shopping questions.  Contact Marsha

Colleen Etka

Colleen joined the Building Materials team in 2007 and is the second half of our office team. Colleen is our go to person when it comes to tracking your special orders as well as negotiating special order returns with our vendors.  Contact Colleen

Our Outside Team

No company like this could function without the support of good people outside. Here at Building Materials we rely on the team of Jacob Snyder, Chris Helmick, and Kevin Kent to help. Whether you are picking up a load yourself or waiting for our delivery team, you can count on these guys to offer fast courteous service every day.


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